Who is involved in GATE?

The GATE is hosted by NSW Department of Primary Industries, ranked in the top 1% of agricultural research institutions in the world.

The GATE Governing Board comprises of a representative appointed by each of our GATE partners and two appointed by DPI.

How many calls for GATE applications are there each year?

The GATE will make its first call for applications in November 2017 for entrance to the program in March 2018. Another call will be undertaken in mid-2018 for a second cohort to enter the GATE in November 2018.

How many applications are considered?

Project applications will be assessed by the GATE Innovation Panel who endorse candidates to the GATE governing board for approval. The GATE will accept up to 20 projects.

What is the application process?

Our application process is in two stages:

  1. Written Application
  2. Video submission

What are the application selection criteria?

  • Alignment with GATE objectives focus on Ag-tech, direct benefit to NSW & Australian agricultural sector
  • Project/idea can bring wide-ranging benefits to the agricultural sector
  • Value proposition to the agricultural sector
  • Pathways to market

What happens once I have been accepted?

Project applications must enter into a GATE Project Deed. The Deed outlines championing arrangements, the description of the project, its agreed objectives and deliverables, IP, recognised developing IP and other interest in the project.

What are the pre-entry arrangements for accepted applicants?

Successful applicants will be notified approximately six weeks prior to the GATE program in mid January 2018 for commencement in early March 2018. Project teams and innovators outside Australia must seek appropriate Australian visas. Accommodation support may be provided as part of the Project Deed as negotiated by parties.

Do I need to relocate to Orange to participate in the GATE?

Relocation to Orange is not required by the GATE however intensive periods of courses are held in Orange.

GATE Bootcamps are short courses  of 2-3 day held in Orange and the course covers accommodation and travel costs.

GATE Incubation is a 12 week part time program that includes intensive at least 2 workshops of 3-4 days across the 12 week period.

GATE Acceleration is a 6 month part time program that includes various intensive periods in Orange depending on the applicant's needs.