The GATE - Global Ag-Tech Ecosystem

Fast tracking development of AG-Tech


GATE participants may include researchers, individuals, start ups, medium size businesses, universities and research institutions. The GATE offers a physical and virtual collaborative environment that can include short courses, workshops, an incubation and acceleration programs, all supported with business services and opportunities to pitch to investors.
The GATE offering is unique.


The GATE is a collaborative research and technology facility in Australia specifically designed to develop ag-tech ideas. The GATE is an initiative of the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and it provides a gateway to the DPI research expertise and fosters opportunities for innovation. The DPI is the largest agricultural research organisation in Australia with over 600 researchers, 20 research stations and ranked in the top 1% in agricultural research excellence in the world.


    The GATE offers 5 key programs to develop and commercialise ag-tech innovation:

    • Mentoring
    • Incubation
    • Accelerator
    • Commercialisation and Business Support
    • Investor Showcases

    Any individual, company and research company wanting to explore the viability of an ag-tech idea can apply to enter the GATE.

    The GATE will host around 20 projects per year plus offer additional services and events for other ag-tech innovators and interested parties. For all the GATES Projects go to the Project Page.


    The GATE a specialist co-located DPI facility in Orange NSW. DPI is the largest agricultural R&D provider in Australia with expertise of over 600 researchers, and access to 25 research stations across NSW and 13,000 hectares of trial farms.

The GATE is a NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) initiative to fast track the development of ag tech to increase productivity. DPI has partnered with research providers – Hort Innovation Australia and the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and technology providers, universities and industry organisations. Major Australian agricultural R&D organisations are foundation members along with Sparklabs Cultiv8, an accelerator and venture capital provider. This group will consider GATE applications.

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