CASE STUDY : Pairtree Farm Dashboards


The challenge: 80% of farmers have 5-10 agtech and digital solutions that assist daily operations. Juggling these technologies is beginning to cause frustration and consume large amounts of valuable time managing solutions rather than assisting productivity.Farmers are looking for a tool that centralises the data sets from across the entire farm operation and throughout the supply chain. Hamish Munro, a fifth generation farmer,  brings together his producer experience with a tech team to find a fit for purpose tool.

The approach: : The GATE Incubation program assisted Pairtree to develop an industry wide service platform. Pairtreehas a focus on innovative farmer friendly dashbpards. During the program Pairtree pivoted its business model to service packages for agribusiness and middle tier organisations, whilst still focusing on delivering farm services.

Pairtree has been commissioned by DPI on a pilot project involving data integration at the Department’s Ag Education facility : Tocal College and also The Regional Connectivity Pilot, across 3 farms in the Central West of NSW.hamish Munroe

The outcomes:  Pairtree has secured various grants and follow on funding of $100k. Secured demonstration partnerships with MLA Digital Forum, WA DPIRD Katanning Research Facility, NSW Regional Connectivity Pilot and several other DPI pilot projects. Selected for SproutX Acceleration Program, Global Table (Seed and Chips) and Evoke Ag stand and winner of NAB Innovation Award at the Australian National Field Days. Pairtree has extended its team to 3 part time staff.

The impact: Pairtree simplifies ag data for better farm decisions. This increases the benefit to farmers from technology installation.  DPI has supported this business to fast-track.

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