Large group opening

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair today officially opened the Global Ag-Tech Ecosystem (GATE), an international centre for ag-tech research and innovation, which is set to deliver results for our primary producers.

Over the next five years, the NSW Government will commit up to $6 million towards the GATE, which will continue to establish NSW as a world leader in agricultural innovation and production.
Mr Blair said ag-tech entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations from around the world will benefit from this one-stop-shop which will fast-track research and development on the path to commercialisation.
“We already have companies and start-ups from the United States, United Kingdom, Norway and Australia seeking to develop products by utilising the GATE,” Mr Blair said.
“Those include Norwegian company Aquabyte’s computer vision and machine learning products for estimating biomass in fish farms, and US company Evaptainers low-cost, water powered refrigerators.
“NSW DPI has also entered into a reciprocal ag-tech research and innovation partnership with the UK Department of International Trade. This partnership provides a platform to develop and promote opportunities between Australia’s ag-tech sector and the UK’s agricultural industry, worth nearly £100 billion.”
The GATE has already begun a broad range of projects, including the development of systems that better predict seasonal conditions and the use of scent measurement to identify early stage pregnancy in cattle.
GATE participants will get expert advice and assistance to start up their business, produce proof-of-concept for new entrants, scale up prototypes ready for production and commercialise final products.
This is yet another example of the NSW Government investing in our regional communities and building on the strength of our state’s research vision and expertise.
The GATE is a partnership between the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and SparkLabs Cultiv8.

MEDIA: Amy Minahan | Minister Blair | 0437 154 606

Photo: NSW Minister opens the GATE  on 20 March 2018 with local, regional and international stakeholders.