General Application

  • Now 2020

    Applications for 2020 GATE Cohort is now open

  • MID JAN 2021

    Applications for close on end Jan 2021

  • FEB 2021

    Successful GATE applicants advised early FEB 2021

  • MARCH 2021

    Successful GATE applicants enter the 2021 GATE program

Applications will be assessed by the GATE Innovation Panel and streamed into different programs including bootcamps and mentoring,  incubation, acceleration or other support initiatives.

Program commencement may vary:

  • Pitching Bootcamps (2 day intensives) are run multiple locations over 12 months.
  • Mentoring may commence at any time as determined by the mentor and applicant
  • Incubation may be a 3 or 6 month  program depending on the needs of the applicant. A key element of the Incubation is pitching at the GATE showcase event in September/ October 2021.

NOTE: Relocation to Orange is not required for the program.