Biocarb 1

2018 Cohort -BioCarbon Engineering - UK

BioCarbon Engineering was created to enable global scale ecosystem restoration.

Global scale, because the problem is enormous. Every year six billion trees are lost. For the one billion people that live in forest communities around the world, this is not just a loss of trees. This is a loss of healthy eco-systems, biodiversity, raw materials, food, and jobs. Globally, this affects the supply chain for every-day products we all need and is a major contributor to climate change. Governments have recognized this, and commitments have been made to restore more than 350 million hectares of degraded land by 2030. This is an area the size of India and equates to about 300 billion trees. Achieving these reforestation targets with current methods will be difficult. They need new solutions.

BioCarbon leverages data analytics and robotics to provide automated drone planting services to restoration project managers and landholders. These data enabled systems helpto scale up restoration activities, and reduce cost. With 50 teams, BioCarbon plans to restore over 500,000 hectares a year within 5 years. This project is sponsored by Sparklabs Cultiv8.