Evap 1

2018 Cohort - Fenik - US

Fenick creates low-cost refrigerators that run on water. Because the company's core technology requires no electricity to operate, it is ideal for low-income, off-grid consumers that face issues with food spoilage. Using a light-weight synthetic fabric, Evaptainers harnesses the phenomenon of evaporative cooling to preserve fruits and vegetables stored inside. Evaporative cooling has been employed successfully for centuries in products like the Zeer Pot or Coolgardie safe. Proven to be effective for cooling at the point of production, these products have been shown to triple or quadruple the shelf-life of most perishables.

Now, this ancient technology has been upgraded for modern and commercial use, creating a scalable clean energy refrigeration solution and enabling off-grid families to enjoy healthier, long-lasting food. Evaptainers has been testing their prototype units with beneficiaries in Morocco for the last 2 years and will soon conduct a full field-trial for approximately 1,500 beneficiaries to showcase their finalized mass-production unit. After this trial, the company expects to launch officially and begin selling units worldwide.This project is sponsored by Sparklabs Cultiv8.

For more information go to: https://www.fenik.io/