Hydroleap black

2018 Cohort - Hydroleap- Singapore

Hydroleap are making wastewater treatment, cheap, environmental-friendly and easy. This is achieved by replacing expensive chemical treatment with a smart electrical treatment.

Hydroleap has developed a cutting-edge water treatment technology that works the best on high suspended solid, COD and turbid wastewater. It is well designed for wastewater from construction, food and beverage, oil & gas, tannery, mining and semiconductor industries. It is an automated modular system that does not need any chemicals to perform! It can be scaled economically with ease to meet the needs.  The technology works based on electrochemical principles where low powered electricity is applied to activate the aqueous solution and form coagulant reagents to attract contaminants.

This technology can replace the expensive and non-sophisticated process of chemical pre-treatment all around the world and be a right process prior to membrane/filtration stage.

Hydroleap has received substantial attention from customers as well as investors.This project is sponsored by Sparklabs Cultiv8.