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About The Gate

Fast Tracking Development of AG-Tech

The GATE is a collaborative research and technology facility designed to cultivate and develop ag-tech ideas.

The GATE is a NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) initiative to fast‑track the development of ag‑tech to increase productivity.

The GATE Program is part of a broader Business Development and Innovation Branch of the NSW Department of Primary Industries. The Branch is charged with three key functions:

  • supporting ag-tech and innovation activities within the ag-sector industry and within research - GATE stream;
  • driving digital uptake and capability across the Department and industry - Digital stream
  • driving uptake and impact of DPI research through commercialisation and other adoption pathways- Commercial stream.

Hosted at the DPI Orange Agricultural Institute, the GATE facility provides access to DPI, the largest agricultural R&D provider in Australia, including the expertise of over 600 scientific and technical staff. Over $500 million of agricultural R&D is conducted by DPI with industry partners.

The GATE offers access to the long-term datasets held by DPI and facilitates on‑farm validation of new technologies across 25 research sites and 13,000 ha of trial farms.

DPI is ranked in the top 1% of agricultural research institutions in the world.


The GATE Governing Board comprises of a representative appointed by each of our GATE partners and two appointed by NSW DPI.

An Innovation Panel selected by the Governing Board will review and manage applications by innovators to the GATE.

The GATE administration conducted by a Centre Director and Operations Executive.

For more information see the GATE PROSPECTUS