Regional Digital Capability


Building Regional Digital Capability - Program Support

Digital capability is not just about connectivity, its about taking advantage of technology and innovation practices that have been enabled by the internet age.

The NSW Public Service Commission's role includes building skills and knowledge of digital opportunities for government employees.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries' Global Ag-Tech Ecosystem (GATE) team has been leading this initiative in regional NSW to expand the reach of the program, including through virtual models for both HCD capability building and a regional HCD community of practice.  The DPI is leading training of digital champions across the regional NSW public service to deliver human-centred design training to project teams and setting up a regional HCD Community of Practice to share, learn and scale our impact.

This state wide initiative was delivered in two tranches in collaboration with NSW Department of Customer Service and Transport for NSW. Since its launch, the initiative has upskilled public servants across NSW Government with programs and resources

Some of the deliverables include the NSW Government Human-Centred (HCD) Design Toolkit, the Digital Accelerator Tookit, NSW Government HCD Community of Practice which creates a strong network of service designers across NSW, establishing a digital platform to share lessons learnt, and a digital platform to successfully conduct remote training.

Tools and Resources

Check out theses resources for government innovation

New! HDC HCD Workshops for Regional Innovation - starts July - open to all regional NSW public servants

The Department of Primary Industries' GATE Innovation Centre and the NSW Public Service Commission are providing free human-centred design (HCD) training for regional public servants!

Why learn HCD? Because our communities expectations are changing and we have a responsibility to continue to improve the way that we design and deliver services to them. This means understanding our regional customers and designing better, simpler ways of serving them. HCD provides you with the tools and a methodology to do just that!

Workshops start on 27 July so be quick! To find our more and register go to:

Human Centre Design Toolkit

Human Centred Design or User Design process is a discipline to assist in identifying issues and solving problems from customer perspective.The NSW Government has prepated a summary to learn more. (Download in Chrome)


Transport Digital Accelerator

The Transport Digital Accelerator Toolkit developed by Transport for NSW has ideas and templates for design thinking processes for application to projects and programs. (Download in Chrome)

T accelerator