Innovation GATEway Pitch Event- 18 September

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Ag and Food tech comes to town

18 Sep 2018

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is bringing the latest in ‘ag-tech’ to Sydney today in a showcase of advances and opportunities in agriculture.

NSW DPI Deputy Director General Investment and Business Development Michael Bullen said the Ag-Tech Innovation GATEway event will highlight innovation in primary industries, led by the DPI’s Global Ag Tech Ecosytem (GATE).

“This event will bring emerging start-ups developed by the GATE and its research partner, Hort Innovation, together with an audience of leading industry experts, research partners, primary producers and business investors,” he said.

“By testing new ideas and helping launch new technologies that will enable our primary producers to work smarter and more efficiently, DPI is providing a unique opportunity for ag-tech developers.”

NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair will address the event along with speakers including Ed Halmagyi, one Australia’s best-loved TV Chefs and Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer at Cisco.

“The GATE is an end-to-end ag tech ecosystem that develops ag-tech research into commercialised products in collaboration with business and technology providers,” Mr Bullen said.

“THE GATE not only fosters ag tech start-ups and entrepreneurs, it also develops NSW Government ag tech start-ups leveraging from a research pipeline valued at over $500 million, engaging 650 agricultural research experts across NSW.

“To maintain DPI’s world class reputation, NSW government has invested over $50 million in our food and fibre production infrastructure, and the Ag-Tech Innovation GATEway will demonstrate the deep reserves of ingenuity, innovation and drive within our researcher teams