General Services

General Advisory

The GATE can direct inquiries from investors, research organisations and ag-tech entrepreneurs to other government services or start up programs that may be suitable to the emerging regional and ag technology ecosystem in NSW.

GATE Co-working space

Coworking space is available at the GATE for local ag tech start ups and GATE graduates to build an ag tech community of interest.


The GATE is supported by a vibrant, active and driven community. A key element which is critical to the health, and development of a powerful ecosystem within the Ag-tech space. Our events include entrepreneurial and networking days, educational and public information days. For more see our Events section.

Research stations

The GATE can support start up access to the DPI facilities for on‑farm validation of new technologies across 25 research stations and 13,000 ha of trial farms. This is subject to negotiation and conditions around suitability of projects and availability of facilities.