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2020 Cohort - Bring Value Back (DPI)

DPI Project : Bring Value Back in Meat Assessment

Traditionally cull cow’s carcasses are not graded or even if graded these animals are categorized as similar in age and product value. It causes underestimation of carcass price and quality. The Bring Value Back project will show the unrealized value in the Australian Beef Industry.

We are working with a technology which has shown ability to predict age through scans of cattle hide. Even for tenderness prediction, with a lower accuracy than scanning muscle, this device has provided promising outcomes. Our concept is to develop an objective carcass pricing system but also differentiate animals at any age category.

We are here to build a smart and simplistic device, little and robust that will allow to go to farm and assess animals before they leave the gate! Our goal is a farm-level decision-making to ensure product consistent that arrives at the abattoir and consumer’s plate.

DPI Team

Tharcilla Alvarenga, Development Officer Value Chain &  Research Officer Meat Science NSW Department of Primary Industries

Edwina Toohey, Research & Development Leader Value Chain, Extensive Livestock Unit, NSW Department of Primary Industries